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By itself the title, AMP, could denote several different things. In this case it is actually an abbreviation for ďamphetamines.Ē Amphetamines are substances taken to boost energy, mood and confidence, as well as to suppress appetite. AMP was written ďin memory of Brian,Ē who was a much beloved, talented, and accomplished student of the composer who died of a drug overdose. AMP begins with a wall of chaos representing the climax of an addicted episode. Then the first statement of ďBrianísĒ theme is stated in the clarinets with a two-note motive emulating the two syllables in his name while small cluster chords emulate the constant temptation of addiction. In fact, every time this two-note theme is heard one can readily imagine the emotions behind them. The middle section uses a famous chord progression from Radioheadís Creep, which was one of Brianís favorite songs. The second chaotic episode occurs again which is followed by the return of the earlier driving section and leads to the fullest and loudest statement of Brianís theme using the optional organ part with the full ensemble. The composition ends solemnly with the solo piano (which was Brianís instrument) stating the theme in its most plain form. AMP was not written for Brian only, but also for ďany others suffering from addiction.Ē